art direction, brand identity, content creation, photography, written word.


Creation + Curation.

I assist brands, designers, yoga studios and individuals who wish to bring to life their identity and to share ethical and sustainable principles in some way, always with a conscious intention, humanity and in alignment with mother nature.

What I do

Art direction + curation
Social media content creation
Branding + brand strategy
Photography + Imagery
Graphic design + layout design
Website design


Fashion : Why I only work with ethical brands


.After many years of working in the high end side of the fashion industry and during a years eye opening journey around Asia,I visited factories in India, Burma & Cambodia and I first handily witnessed how the fashion industry is to those who produce the clothes we wear,  how our modern day lives are effecting people all around the world, whilst also impacting our health and our environment. The fashion Industry is the worlds largest supporter of slave and child labour and the second largest contributor to global warming. It is up to us as consumers to make conscious decisions when buying to be aware of the garments impact on people involved in the supply chain, the impact the chemicals involved in the process of making the garment has on the environment and the makers, and finally the impact that the garment will have on us personally. Most importantly I learnt how our choices have the power to effect others living elsewhere around the world and our earth itself.







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