There's some magic happening here in Bali. We spent some time in here in Ubud a year ago, and its the open, creative spirit what drew us back here again. There's a genuine friendliness of the locals, but another part of it is resilience: Bali has been barraged by interest from the West for centuries. Last week we met an American lady who has lived here since the 70s. She explained to us the growth we have gone through in the past 20 years in our western world, the island here has only just entered in the pat few few years and there has been rampant change, especially in tourism.Despite all this outside influence, the Balinese are still very much focused on their own culture. You see more of traditional village life in Ubud than in other parts of Bali. So often village roads are blocked off for ceremonies. It’s all still going on around us and we’re just living alongside it.


Offerings are lovingly scattered around, with the smell of burning insense igniting the air.

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