soul: the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.

place : a particular portion of space occupied by or allocated to a person or thing.


Soul of Place is a platform dedicated to visual arts and stories that explore the idea of ‘place’ in all forms. Whether this be foreign shores, neighbourhoods and communities, the idea of home or the space within yourself.


After a year’s journey around the world, inspired by culture, art, religion and tradition, and humbled by the people and places we had experienced, we found it hard to want to settle and continued in constant motion, moving from one place to the next, living on foreign shores exploring and experiencing local life. Being in places many only visit for a short period of time showed us the deep soul of the place. The unknown. The gritty. The real. We are curious to see the deeper connection of a place, so we hope to use this platform to show the essence through the eyes of locals, as nomadic travellers & through creativity in all forms.

Sustainability is really important to us whether this be through the way we travel, the clothes we wear, the products we use or the food we eat. We hope inspire others to make mindful decisions, explore the real cultures of a place and experience it’s deepest roots, find ways to support local communities, wear clothing and use products that are as environmentally friendly as possible and to live consciously day to day.


We are always looking for collaborations that fit with our ethos to join us along our journey. Please email us at


Who are we?



A twenty something year old creative and yoga teacher from the South of England and the creative eye of Soul of Place.

After many years of working alongside creative directors & stylists and living a fast paced city life my body started to feel the effects and was telling me to slow down so last year the time felt right to take a step away to travel and take some time to re-evaluate which led me to a stint in India.

I am passionate about exploring foreign lands with integrity, mindfulness and bringing yoga into every day life, using photography as a creative outlet to show the world and its people who inhabit it in its rawest form.

I have had my photographs featured by Lonely Planet, ROAM magazine and The Vista. When I'm not taking photos or creating for Soul of Place, I teach yoga and work alongside brands and individuals to create visual stories through photography and content creation. Read more about working with me here.




Robin is the writer and handles the organisation of projects and business side of Soul of Place.

Hailing from the North of England, after almost ten years working as a Project Manager in London, life had become rather one dimensional, and it was time to break away from the norm and take an adventure. I realised that travel would enable this and would help me to embrace the world, expand my mind, and to learn and interact with other societies and cultures, with the aim of learning more about myself and where my path would take me.
When I am not creating for Soul of Place, I continues to work in & learn about sustainable building and creating enviromentally considered spaces within my projects.