After ten years in the fashion and design industry, I took a break from my career for travel and self-discovery. This journey began for me in the physical form of yoga, and over the years has taken me on a journey through all of the senses, experiencing all aspects of what yoga is both on and off the mat- creating a deeper knowledge of the my internal and external world. We are ever so often asked ‘what we do’ for living and this was a question that I found difficult to answer after leaving behind the only identity I knew. I have come to realise we can be so many different things.

My deep rooted love for the arts is still within and I have been able to combine the things that light me up the most. I work as a creative consultant across many different disciplines from design to photography and teach yoga - holding space for others. I am passionate about embodiment, ayurveda, nourishment, sustainability, art, design, photography, dance and of course yoga being the vessel that brings all of these beautiful aspects of my life into one.

I continue to study with my incredible teachers both near and far, and unravel bit by bit within my own daily sadhana. I feel called to share this wisdom that has given me so much and hope to inspire others to explore yoga, creativity and all of the good things in life that form community.

Elizabeth Curtis