elizabeth curtis


Photographer, writer, adventurer, yogi, women


Hello, My name is Elizabeth.

I'm an all round creative and yoga teacher from the South of England, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

For almost a decade I have worked alongside creative directors & stylists in London. After many years of living this life I knew it was right to take some time out to realign and re-evaluate which led me to follow the yogic path.

I believe in living naturally, encouraging slow, conscious and simple living. Bringing yoga in to all aspects of life, both on and off the mat. I love to learn and discover the diversity of the world, our differences are what keeps life interesting. I believe this exploration enriches us mentally, physically, and emotionally, and guides us in cultivating a more mindful way of life.

I use this space as a journal of thoughts on holistic living, yoga, travel and any other musings and to show my work.


what I do



art direction, curation, brand identity 

I work alongside brands, designers, yoga studios and individuals with a conscious intention to create an honest identity through imagery and written word.

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My partner Robin and I curate a website called Soul of Place - a platform dedicated to visual art and stories that explores the idea of place in all its forms, whether city neighbourhoods or island communities, heartlands or borderlands, the world we see before us or landscapes of the imagination.





I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance trained Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher, and I'm doing another 200 hr training in November 2018. You can read more about my classes and philosophy here.